Thursday, October 1, 2009

DAY 27

Sometimes my job is less about the stories I tell and more about taking pretty pictures. Luckily for me, it is easy to take pretty nature pictures in Colorado in the fall. A bit hungover from my post LSAT celebrations last night, I wasn't exactly thrilled when I was told this morning that my task for the day included driving around the mountains looking for changing leaves.

To be honest, the drive was miserable. I was tired. My head hurt. I needed (and I mean NEEDED) water... course I had neglected to bring any. The drastic climb in altitude didn't help things either.
I did a loop from Woodland Park through Cripple Creek, Victor and back down to the Springs. While the drive may have been miserable, I did see some pretty amazing sites. Unlike a midwest fall, autumn in the mountains is a majestic gold. The Aspens glow in the sunlight creating an image meant for fairytales.

Now that I'm back on solid ground, I can appreciate the true beauty of the day. These are just a few of the images I captured. I hope you enjoy them!

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